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Sorry. I'm dead for now.

2015-02-20 20:25:55 by orangevanim

Now that i realized i can not manage anything in here before getting a stable life I clearly say that you should look at me as a dead person from now on. But do not worry lads, I still am alive, i just dont feel like making 20 requests happening, while having a own life and trying to find a job or school to visit, or/and having some own time for friends and games. Right now its everything but fun for me to do anything for my site on newgrounds. so I leave it to rotten for a long time. 4428622_142448183283_NewCanvas.png

My Employers

2014-12-29 05:40:36 by orangevanim

Here is a list of people that requested my help and what I do or have done for them:

4428622_141984963542_large.jpg                   DerpInc
(voice acting, eventually drawing something)

4428622_142056206871_large.jpg             Babmen69
(Making a better Profile Picture)


Attention!: I work for free. That only means I dont require money at the moment and that I do it for fun. If I dont like a prodject, I will not be good at it. If you still feel like paying me some money then I won't stop you. I accept all kind of payment XD.

Right now I am in work cooldown(making all the requests happening...) because i have too much stuff requested already. ask me later.